Training Realities

There has been a strange absence of training videos and posts from me on any of my social media feeds. I haven’t really trained since June 2017. Sure, there has been the occasional flirtation with a barbell or kettlebell, or even a cable and weight stack. But I haven’t had structured or heavy training of any sort for several months now.

But, wait?!?! I thought you were a strength coach! How can you coach when you don’t even lift?


Sometimes, it is necessary to eliminate aggravating factors in order to address a root problem. I had come to the point where my lightest warm up weights were causing me extreme discomfort. My body was systemically inflamed, and any level of training was just making it worse. I needed to find a solution. I needed to stop training because the resulting pain was affecting every other aspect of my life.

While I am still in that process of finding solutions, I have made significant progress in determining what that root problem is, and am able to take steps to address it. I am slowly getting back to the point where I can consider weight training again, but it will be a very slow and cautious process. In the meantime, I do what I can. My training may look very easy and to most, ineffective, but it is where I am. But always with an eye to the future.

So here is the Stoic lesson: in difficult times, you have a choice to make. You can either moan about the difficulty, or take action to sort out the difficulty and get on with your life. Only one way is useful.


2 thoughts on “Training Realities”

    1. Oh, I’m definitely searching for answers, but mostly in the sense of treatment now. The history is long and complicated, which is why I didn’t go into it in this post. Perhaps another time.


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